DJ Entertainment

When you need to liven up a party, Yorkville Weddings will make your party jump thanks to your pick on a wedding dj. Although that we specialize in providing you with the best in wedding djs throughout the Toronto area, we will make sure that if you talk to us to reserve a dj for your next celebration, we will provide you with the best entertainment in Toronto.
As we mentioned above, we specialize in offering dj services for weddings, however, our djs also can play music for such events such as: high school proms, bar mitzvahs, baptisms, engagement parties, milestone birthdays, wedding anniversaries and much more. A dj can hone their skills and be versatile to adapt to any setting and make the party a success.

Also, if you are looking to hire a dj in Toronto for a corporate event or social gala for a company party, Yorkville Weddings will make it happen. We can initially setup a consultation to go over what the dj will be able to offer you for your next party and what your budget is so the dj can discuss price, and playing times for your celebration.
Depending on the amount of time spent and the time of the year, a dj will vary in prices, so it is best that you use that initial consultation give by the dj to ask questions to best determine what dj you will go with in Toronto.
Be sure to find out and ask a dj whether or not they offer special pricing in certain off-season events. Most offer package incentives, so don't hesitate to find out.
Again to re-iterate, a dj can add life to any party. There are some djs that even offer emcee services to either introduce people or emcee the event. There may need to be an organized structure in place when having the reception, so a dj that can emcee your party is like killing two birds with one stone. Be sure to inquire about those services as well.