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         Wedding Planning and Consulting
         Emotionally charged, dramatic and entertaining, Rich Bride Poor Bride, Wedding SOSParty Mamas & Till Debt do US Part are just a few
of the event's that the expert Joanna Efpatridis has showcased on. Here at Yorkville Weddings we are proud to announce that she is extremely skillful in answering cries of help for couples whose wedding or event plans have gone completely off the wall.
Whether it’s reducing the budget, cutting the guest list, finding a new venue or standing up to a bullying mother in-law, time and money are always tight and stress and tension are high, but some expert advice can go a long way. She will try to put the pieces back together and leave them alone with their action plan. Now it’s up to our couples and their friends and family to put the guru’s plan into action. If they follow it correctly, they’ll have a wonderful big day. But love’s path is never a smooth one and the lead up to the event will be an emotional rollercoaster as they overcome obstacles, confront disappointment and try to remember why they’re getting married or having the biggest event of the year.
Joanna Efpatridis is one of Toronto’s top Wedding and Event planners – celebrity, socialites and even big dreamers have benefited from her unique skills at pulling off the perfect event. But now she’s answering distress calls from panicked brides and terrified grooms across the City. Have they bitten off more than they can chew?
We have Entertainment professionals who can provide music for your ceremony, soothing music playing during cocktail hour and DJ's who can get your guests out of their seats and on the dance floor. Limousines for the ride there, a Photographer and a Videographer to capture those once in a lifetime moments? We can help!! THAT'S WHAT WE DO!!